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Enroll Communication TED
Enroll Education & Tech
Enroll Homeschooling Stanford U
Enroll Human Growth & Development AP/CLEP/DSST (EPSY 6330) UH
Enroll Introduction to Self-Management
Enroll Taking the Next Step (Careers choices) UChicago
Enroll Teacher & Parent Workshop
Enroll TED & Education
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Enroll Art Competitions
Enroll Camps & Residencies
Enroll Community Service Awards & Scholarships
Enroll Fairs
Enroll FRC Robotics
Enroll Interviewing, Resume & Job Searching
Enroll Math Counts Competition (6th-8th grade)
Enroll Music Competitions
Enroll Scholastic Competitions (12th grade)
Enroll Science Talent Search Intel®, Google etc
Enroll Writing Competitions
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Enroll Courseware with English Subtitles
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Enroll Alphabet & Phonics (Pre K-2 grade/Common Core Standard RF.1.2)
Enroll American Literature AP/CLEP/CCE
Enroll Composition I AP/CLEP/TECEP/ECE/Uexcel JCCC
Enroll English Conversational ESL/EFL
Enroll English for the World
Enroll English Grammar
Enroll ESL (China ver.)
Enroll Figurative Language (Middle School/Common Core Standards L.6-8.5 )
Enroll Language Learning ECE UL(TED407) CSUDH
Enroll Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation 21F.223/21F.224 MIT
Enroll Spoken English NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Teaching of English
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Enroll Algebra I Flexbook Academy
Enroll Algebra I Worked Examples Khan Academy
Enroll Arithmetic Khan Academy
Enroll Developmental Math 2 Khan Academy
Enroll Developmental Math Khan Academy
Enroll Geometry Khan Academy
Enroll Math class needs a makeover
Enroll Pre-algebra Khan Academy
Enroll SAT Prep math (Khan Academy/ Board)
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Enroll Natural Sciences AP/CLEP
Enroll Science TED
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Enroll Geography science TED
Enroll History TED
Enroll Humanities AP/CLEP
Enroll Social Sciences and History AP/CLEP
Enroll Sociology
Enroll World History 7th Grade (R A Brown Middle)
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Enroll Art (Fine or Practice) BFA/MFA
Enroll Communication BA/MA
Enroll Deaf Studies (English Subtitles) CJ
Enroll English BA/MS
Enroll Foreign Language BA/MA
Enroll Graphic Design BFA/MFA
Enroll Liberal Studies BA/MA
Enroll Philosophy BA/MA
Enroll Professional Photography BA
Click to toggle Art Dept.
Enroll Art Appreciation (ART 101) Lincoln Land CC
Enroll Art History (103A) Ohlone College
Enroll Art of Western World DSST (103B) ETnS
Enroll Foundations of American Cyber-Culture (ART) 23AC Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Introduction to Visual Thinking (ART) 8 Berkeley
Enroll Looking at Art (ART100) CSUDH
Enroll Oil Painting
Enroll Photoshop - Sheridan College
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Enroll Basic Photography
Enroll Depth of Field
Enroll General Composition
Enroll Portraiture
Enroll Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry 11.309J MIT
Enroll Stopping Action
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Enroll Communications Research (COMM 2300) UH
Enroll Crisis Communication (COMM 4335) UH
Enroll Effective Meeting Management (COMM 3332) UH
Enroll Fundamentals of Public Speaking DSST (COMM 1332) UH
Enroll Introduction to Communication Theory (COMM 1302) UH
Enroll News Reporting Journalistic Ethics TECEP (COMM 187) UCLA
Enroll Organizational Communication ECE(COM300) CSUDH
Enroll Speech Science (COMD 2385) UH
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Enroll Analyzing and Interpreting Literature AP/CLEP
Enroll Business and Technical English Writing VU Pak
Enroll College Writing Uexcel (English 111) Husson U.
Enroll English Comprehension
Enroll Modern Poetry (ENGL 310) Yale CC-E
Enroll Poem Present UChicago
Enroll Rhetoric and Composition I (EH 123) Hussan U.
Enroll Rhetoric and Composition II (EH 124) Hussan U.
Enroll Technical Writing DSST/TECEP
Enroll Understanding Creativity and Creative Writing NPTEL CC-E
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Enroll American Literature I - Beginnings to Civil War AP/CLEP/CCE (ENGL 3350) UH
Enroll American Literature I - Beginnings to Civil War AP/CLEP/CCE (V41.0230 ) NYU CC-E
Enroll American Literature II - 1945 to Present AP/CLEP/CCE (ENGL 291) Yale
Enroll British Literature from Eighteenth Century AP/CLEP(ENGL 3328) UH
Enroll British Literature to Eighteenth Century AP/CLEP(ENGL 3327) UH
Enroll Cervantes' Don Quixote (SPAN 300) Yale CC-E
Enroll Contemporary Literature NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Contemporary Novel (ENGL 3322) UH
Enroll Dante in Translation (ITAL 310) Yale
Enroll Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner (AMST 246) Yale CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Theory of Literature (ENGL 300) Yale CC-E
Enroll Latin American History through the Novel (ENGL 4394/HIST 4366) UH
Enroll Literature of Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature (ENGL 3312) UH
Enroll Milton (ENGL 220) Yale CC-E
Enroll Nobel Prize Winners in Literature (ENGL 3345) UH
Enroll The Development of the Novel (ENGL 3324) UH
Enroll Writing Poetry
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Enroll Acting & Thespians
Enroll Film School
Enroll Gaming/Film Animation
Enroll Novelty Variety Acts
Enroll Theatre BA
Click to toggle Film & Television School
Enroll Adobe Creative Cloud/CS6 Production: Premiere, After Effects
Enroll Advanced Multimedia BENV2409 UNSW
Enroll Advanced Screenwriting
Enroll Animation
Enroll Broadcast Performance
Enroll Capstone Project in Theater, Film, and Television
Enroll Cartooning & Storyboarding
Enroll Cinema-TV Production II
Enroll Cinema and History
Enroll Contemporary Auteurs (director's creative vision)
Enroll Film and Television Business
Enroll Final Cut Pro (Post Production)
Enroll Freedom of Speech and the Press (Media Studies 104A) Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll History of Broadcasting and Electronic Media
Enroll History of Film
Enroll Intermediate Screenwriting
Enroll Intro to Film Studies NPTEL
Enroll Intro to Theatre ETennState
Enroll Mass Media and Society (COM100) CSUDH
Enroll Nonfiction Writing for Visual Media
Enroll Philosophy of Film 24.213 / 24.264/24.209 MIT
Enroll Producing and Production Management
Enroll Screenwriting
Enroll Single Camera and Editing
Enroll Story and Character
Enroll Stunt work & Effects
Enroll Television Writing: Episodic Drama
Enroll Television Writing: Situation Comedy
Enroll TV, Film and Theatre (THE100) CSUDH
Enroll Underwater Film Project & How to
Enroll Youtube creator support
Enroll YouTube Distinguished Speakers Series USC
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Enroll Character developement
Enroll Magic & Magicians
Enroll Marionette shop
Enroll Music Industry Scams
Click to toggle Acting & Thespians
Enroll Acting Basics
Enroll American acting technique
Enroll Inside The Actors Studio
Enroll Introduction to Acting
Enroll Working in the Theatre
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Enroll Ballet Technique
Enroll Dance Condition & Training
Enroll Jazz Technique
Enroll Salsa
Enroll Tap Dance Technique
Enroll West Coast Swing
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Enroll *Language Learning Tools ECE UL(TED407) CSUDH
Enroll Albanian NYU-SCPS
Enroll American Sign Language ASL
Enroll Amharic
Enroll Arabic-Egyptian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Arabic-MSA NYU-SCPS
Enroll Arabic-Saudi [ML] NYU-SCPS
Enroll Arabic-Syrian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Belarusian
Enroll Bulgarian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Cambodian / Khmer
Enroll Chinese - Mandarin NYU-SCPS
Enroll Chinese - Mandarin NYU-SCPS MIT
Enroll Chinese Cantonese NYU-SCPS
Enroll Chinyanja / Nyanja
Enroll Czech NYU-SCPS
Enroll Dari - Persian
Enroll Dutch NYU-SCPS
Enroll Filipino Tagalog NYU-SCPS
Enroll Finnish NYU-SCPS
Enroll French Metro FSI AP/CLEP
Enroll Fula / Fulani
Enroll German AP/CLEP/NYU-SCPS
Enroll Greek-modern NYU-SCPS
Enroll Greek Classical
Enroll Hausa
Enroll Hebrew NYU-SCPS
Enroll Hindi NYU-SCPS
Enroll Hungarian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Igbo / Ibo NYU-SCPS
Enroll Indonesian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Italian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Japanese NYU-SCPS
Enroll Kirundi / Rundi
Enroll Kituba
Enroll Korean NYU-SCPS
Enroll Lao
Enroll Lingala
Enroll Luganda / Ganda
Enroll Moré / Mòoré / Moshi
Enroll Norwegian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Persian Fārsī (Hnr. Eftekhari & Baghizadeh)
Enroll Polish NYU-SCPS
Enroll Portuguese-Brazilian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Romanian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Russian [ML] NYU-SCPS
Enroll Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian NYU-SCPS
Enroll Shona
Enroll Spanish Literature
Enroll Swahili NYU-SCPS
Enroll Swedish NYU-SCPS
Enroll Thai NYU-SCPS
Enroll Turkish NYU-SCPS
Enroll Twi / Akan / Fante
Enroll Vietnamese NYU-SCPS
Enroll Yoruba NYU-SCPS
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Enroll Instrumental Lessons "Jack Crosby Program"
Enroll Music Business BA
Enroll Music Production and Engineering
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Enroll Advanced Computer Applications MB-355
Enroll Advanced Legal Issues and Contract Negotiation MB-405
Enroll Advanced Management Techniques MB-345
Enroll Business Communication MB-287
Enroll Business Finance MB-P395
Enroll Business Leadership and Ethics MB-301
Enroll Business Startups MB-340
Enroll Computer Applications in the Music Industry MB-255
Enroll Concert Promotion and Venue Management MB-391
Enroll Contracts
Enroll Copyright Law MB-P311
Enroll Creative Promotion in New Media MB-341
Enroll Current Events in the Music Industry MB-433
Enroll Developing your EPK
Enroll Emerging Music Business Models MB-P435
Enroll Entrepreneurial Practicum (TBD) MB-P493
Enroll Festival Planning
Enroll Fund Raising for Projects
Enroll How To Create a Wikipedia Article
Enroll Insurance
Enroll Internship at Record Label (TBD) MB-491
Enroll Internship in Music Business/Management (TBD) MB-495
Enroll Intro to Music Business DSST(BA B100) Loyola
Enroll Legal Aspects of the Music Industry MB-211
Enroll Licensing
Enroll Managing Technology-Driven Business MB-P389
Enroll Music Intermediaries: Agents, Managers, and Attorneys MB-375
Enroll Music in the International Marketplace MB-305
Enroll Music Marketing and Promotion CLEP/ECE/TECEP(MUIN M250) Loyola
Enroll Music Product Development MB-337
Enroll Music Publishing MB-335
Enroll Musics Future (hnr. Nancy Ford Shapter)
Enroll Music Technology in the Marketplace MB-339
Enroll Principles of Financial Accounting MB-275
Enroll Record Company Operations MB-331
Enroll Strategic Management MB-9425
Enroll Taxation in the Music Business MB-131
Enroll Touring Basics
Enroll Trademarks
Enroll Website Design and Management
Enroll Website Development for eBusiness
Click to toggle Music Lessons
Enroll *Music Schools
Enroll Bass Demo
Enroll Blues Guitar Berklee
Enroll Composing for Jazz Orchestra 21M.342 MIT
Enroll DJ Equipment & Techniques
Enroll Drum Technique
Enroll French Horn
Enroll Funk/R&G Guitar Berklee
Enroll Guitar Rock
Enroll Guitar Technique
Enroll Guitar with Dave Nassie
Enroll Interdisciplinary Approaches to Musical Time 21M.542 MIT
Enroll Introducing Music ECE(MUS101) CSUDH
Enroll Jazz in Modern Era (IDS336) CSUDH
Enroll Listening to Music (MUSI 112) Yale CC-E
Enroll Mandolin Technique
Enroll Music Theory
Enroll Piano Technique
Enroll Rock Drums Berklee
Enroll Saxophone Technique
Enroll Violin Technique
Enroll Vocal Coaching
Enroll Writing in Tonal Forms I 21M.303 MIT
Click to toggle Music Production & Engineering
Enroll Apple Logic Studio
Enroll Multitrack Recording Techniques MP-340 digitalmaster
Enroll Music and Technology 21M.380 MIT
Enroll Pro Audio Equipment
Enroll Sound Engineering Software
Enroll The Business of Music Production MP-247
Click to toggle Philosophy Dept.
Enroll Critical Reasoning CCE (PHI120) CSUDH
Enroll Death (PHIL 176) Yale CC-E
Enroll Indian Philosophy NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Ethics ECE UL(PHIL 1305) UH
Enroll Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? DSST UL (Harvard)
Enroll Philosophy
Enroll Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature ECE(PHIL 181) Yale
Enroll Philosophy of Love in the Western World 24.261 MIT
Click to toggle College of Business and Economics
Enroll Accounting BSBA/MBA
Enroll Economics, BA/MA
Enroll Entrepreneurship
Enroll Finance BA/MA
Enroll International Business BA/MBA
Enroll Management Science and Operations Research, BA/MBA
Enroll Marketing BSBA/MBA
Enroll Motivation & Life Skills
Enroll Statistics BA/MA
Click to toggle Accounting Dept.
Enroll Accounting I AP/CLEP/TECEP/ECE(N Vir CC)
Enroll Accounting II TECEP/ECE (N Vir CC)
Enroll Banking and Money DSST UL (Khan Academy)
Enroll Basic Income Tax TECEP(JCCC)
Enroll Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Governance ACCT 606 Rollins C
Click to toggle Economics and Statistics Dept.
Enroll Comparative Economic Systems (ECON 3340) UH
Enroll Credit Crisis Khan Academy
Enroll Currency Khan Academy
Enroll Current Economics Khan Academy
Enroll Econometric Modelling NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Economics ECO401
Enroll Financial Markets TECEP(ECON 252) Yale CC-E
Enroll Financial Theory (ECON 251) Yale CC-E
Enroll Game Theory (ECON 159) Yale CC-E
Enroll Geithner Plan Khan Academy
Enroll History of Economic Theory NPTEL
Enroll Human Capital (ECON 343) UChicago
Enroll Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory AP/CLEP/ECE(IAS) 107 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll International Trade (ECON) C181 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Introduction to Probability and Statistics (STAT) 20 Berkeley
Enroll Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business (STAT) 21 Berkeley
Enroll Intro Environmental Economics and Policy AP/CLEP/ECE MicroEcon(ECON) C3 Berkeley
Enroll Microeconomic Theory MA(ECON 6485) UH
Enroll Paulson Bailout Khan Academy
Enroll Reading Marx’s Capital (ANTH 80700) CUNY
Enroll Springfield Studio 11.945 MIT
Click to toggle Finance and Law Dept.
Enroll Finance Core DSST/ECE UL (Khan Academy)
Enroll Game Theory and Economics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Personal Finance Intermediate DSST BYU
Enroll Security Analysis and Portfolio Management TECEP NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Valuation and Investing Khan Academy
Enroll Venture Capital and Capital Markets Khan Academy
Click to toggle Information Systems Dept.
Enroll Information Systems and Computer Applications AP/CLEP/DSST
Click to toggle Interdisciplinary Business Programs
Enroll Business Communication (EH 221) Hussan U.
Enroll Business Ethics & Society DSST/ECE UL Carnegie Mellon/Darden
Enroll Business Law AP/CLEP/ECE( BA207) GRCC
Enroll Business Law II DSST Rutgers
Enroll Business Math DSST
Enroll Business Starting
Enroll Business Studies
Enroll E-Commerce
Enroll Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar (MS&E 472) Stanford
Enroll Entrepreneurship NPTEL
Enroll Intro to Business DSST
Click to toggle International Business Programs
Enroll International Business Communication NPTEL
Enroll International Marketing
Enroll Multi National Business (SBS318) CSUDH
Click to toggle Management Dept.
Enroll Administrative Law and Accountability
Enroll Concept & Evolution of Management thought NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Control of Manufacturing Processes S08 2.830J MIT
Enroll Corporate Finance for Healthcare Administrators HMP 607 U of Mich
Enroll Doctor of Management Case Western
Enroll GMAT Test Prep
Enroll Human Resource Management-I DSST/ECE (NPTEL) CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods 16.660 MIT
Enroll Labor in America ECE(HIS348) CSUDH
Enroll Leadership DSST (NPTEL)
Enroll Management Science I AP/CLEP/ECE NPTEL
Enroll Manufacturing Systems Management NPTEL
Enroll Operations and Supply Chain Management NPTEL
Enroll Organization Management TECEP/ECE UL NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Six Sigma NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Strategic Management TECEP(Srinivasan) NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Supply Chain Management ESD.290 MIT
Click to toggle Marketing Dept.
Enroll Branding, Trade Name & Trade Marks
Enroll Brand Management (MKT624) VU
Enroll Consumer Behavior NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Consumer Behavior VU Pak
Enroll Marketing Management (MARK 486) Wingate Univ
Enroll Marketing Management (MARK 622) Wingate Univ
Enroll Principles of Marketing AP/CLEP/ECE(MKT350) CSUDH
Enroll Public Relations TECEP (COM365) CSUDH
Enroll SEO optimazation
Enroll Services Marketing
Enroll The Marketing Mix/Hot Topics Darden
Click to toggle College of Education
Enroll Book Store
Enroll Collaborative Technology and Engaging the Campus Case Western
Enroll Early Childhood Education
Enroll Education of Children with Disabilities (EPSY 3360) UH
Enroll Education Psychology AP/CLEP/CCE (EPSY 3300) UH
Enroll Foundations of Education DSST
Enroll Grammar and Usage ENGL 4117/5117 ETnS
Enroll Health in Public Education DSST/TECEP(HEA300) CSUDH
Enroll Instructional Skills
Enroll Multi Cultural Education (TED415) CSUDH
Click to toggle Applied and Advanced Studies in Education Div.
Enroll Media, Education, and the Marketplace CMS.930 MIT
Enroll Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering 5.95J MIT CC-E
Click to toggle Curriculum and Instruction Div.
Enroll Teaching of Geography EDU515
Click to toggle College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Enroll Aerospace Engineering BS/MS
Enroll Architecture BS/BA/MA
Enroll Bio & Nano Tech-engineering BS/MS
Enroll Chemical Engineering BS/MS
Enroll Civil Engineering BS/MS (John Manning Foundation)
Enroll Computer Science BA/MS
Enroll Electrical Engineering BS/MS
Enroll Mechanical Engineering BS/MS
Enroll Metallurgy and Material Engineering
Enroll Mining & Petroleum Engineering BS/MS
Enroll Nuclear Engineering BS/MS
Enroll Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture BS/MS
Enroll Sustainable Technology
Enroll Web Design & Marketing
Click to toggle Core
Enroll Mathematics - III NPTEL
Enroll Project and Production Management NPTEL CC-E
Click to toggle Aerospace Engineering Dept.
Enroll Advanced Control System Design for Aerospace Vehicles NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Aero elasticity NPTEL
Enroll Aircraft Systems Engineering 16.885J MIT CC-E
Enroll Flight Dynamics II (Stability) NPTEL
Enroll Foundation of Scientific Computing NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion NPTEL CC-Egt
Enroll Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics and Dynamics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Jet Aircraft Propulsion NPTEL
Enroll Rocket Propulsion NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Space Flight Mechanics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Turbomachinery Aerodynamics NPTEL
Enroll Unified Engineering 16.01 MIT CC-E
Click to toggle Architecture Dept.
Enroll A Global History of Architecture Writing 4.696 MIT
Enroll Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes 4.125 MIT
Enroll City Visions: Past and Future 11.949 MIT
Enroll Interrogative Design Workshop 4.37 MIT
Enroll Quantitative Environmental Systems (ARCH 3326) UH
Enroll Roman Architecture (HSAR 252) Yale CC-E
Enroll Structures II ARCH 324 UMich
Enroll Studio Seminar in Public Art 4.367 MIT
Enroll Sustainable Multi-Family
Enroll Taubman Architecture Lecture Series UMich
Click to toggle Chemical Engineering Dept.
Enroll Biochemical Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Chemical Reaction Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computational Fluid Dynamics ChemE NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computational Techniques NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Fundamentals of Transport Processes II NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Fundamentals of Transport Processes NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Heat Transfer NPTEL
Enroll Instability and Patterning of Thin Polymer Films NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Chemical Engineering (E20) Stanford
Enroll Mass Transfer II NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Modern Instrumental Methods of Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Multiphase Flow NPTEL
Enroll Novel Separation Processes NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Particle Characterization (PG) NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Process Control and Instrumentation NPTEL
Enroll Process Dynamics and Controls ChemE 466 UMich
Click to toggle Civil Engineering Dept. (John Manning Foundation)
Enroll Advanced Hydraulics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Advanced Hydrology NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Advanced Structural Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Architecture
Enroll Architecture & Urban Planning
Enroll Building Materials and Construction NPTEL
Enroll Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures NPTEL
Enroll Design Of Steel Structures NPTEL
Enroll Engineering Geology NPTEL
Enroll Environmental Air Pollution NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Finite Element Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Fluid Mechanics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Foundation Engineering NPTEL
Enroll Geo-informatics in Transportation Engineering NPTEL
Enroll Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering NPTEL
Enroll Hydraulics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Transportation Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Mechanics of Solids NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Pre-stressed Concrete Structures NPTEL
Enroll Prestressed Concrete Structures NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Probability Methods in Civil Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Soil Dynamics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Soil Mechanics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Stochastic Hydrology NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Stochastic Structural Dynamics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Strength of Materials NPTEL
Enroll Structural Analysis II NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Structural Dynamics NPTEL
Enroll Surveying I (Foundamentals) NPTEL
Enroll Surveying II (GPS Techniques) NPTEL
Enroll Transportation Engineering II NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Urban transportation planning NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Water & Wastewater Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Water Resources Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Water Resources Systems : Modeling Techniques and Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Watershed Management NPTEL
Click to toggle Computer Science Dept.
Enroll Artificial Intelligence NPTEL CC-E
Enroll C# 2010 Programming Series
Enroll Cisco CCNA1- Networking Fundamentals TECEP Sheridan College
Enroll Cisco CCNA 2 - Routing and Routing Protocols Sheridan College
Enroll Cisco CCNA 3 - LAN Switching and Wireless Sheridan College
Enroll Cisco CCNA 4 - Accessing the WAN Sheridan College
Enroll Cisco CCNA Security Sheridan College
Enroll Compiler Design NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computational Geometry NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computer Algorithms – 2 NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computer Architecture NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computer Basics Repair
Enroll Computer Graphics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computer Maintenance (Comp TIA A+ Essentials exam) Sheridan CC
Enroll Computer Networks NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computer Organization NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Convex Optimization I & II (EE 364A&B) Stanford
Enroll Cryptography and Network Security NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Database Design/Database Management System NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Data Communication NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Data Structures and Algorithms NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Design & Analysis of Algorithms NPTEL
Enroll Discrete Mathematical Structures NPTEL
Enroll Discrete Structures NPTEL
Enroll Electronic Design and Automation NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Flash Game Programming - Sheridan College
Enroll Game Design Starcraft Berkeley CC-Egt%
Enroll Graph Theory NPTEL CC-E
Enroll High Performance Computer Architecture NPTEL
Enroll High Performance Computing NPTEL CC-E
Enroll History of Information (COG SCI) C103 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (CS547) Stanford
Enroll Internet Technologies NPTEL
Enroll Internet Technology NPTEL
Enroll Introduction to Computer Graphics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Introduction To Problem Solving & Programming NPTEL
Enroll Introduction to Robotics (CS223A) Stanford CC-E
Enroll Joomla - Sheridan College
Enroll Linear programming and Extensions NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Linux Fundamentals - Sheridan College
Enroll Linux LPIC-1 Cert
Enroll Linux LPIC-2 Cert
Enroll Linux LPIC-3 Cert
Enroll Linux LPI DevOps Tools Engineer Cert
Enroll Low Power VLSI Circuits & Systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Machine Structures (CS 61C) Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Management Information System NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Microscale Transport Processes NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Multiplayer Flash Programming - Sheridan College
Enroll Natural Language Processing NPTEL
Enroll Network Security+ (CompTIA's Security+ Exam,SYO-301 security cert) Sheridan CC
Enroll Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming NPTEL
Enroll Numerical Methods and Programing NPTEL
Enroll Numerical Optimization NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems NPTEL
Enroll Principles of Digital Communication II 6.451 MIT CC-E
Enroll Principles of Digital Communications I 6.450 MIT CC-E
Enroll Principles of Programming Languages NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Programming Abstractions (CS106B) Stanford
Enroll Programming and Data Structure NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Programming Methodology (CS106A) Stanford
Enroll Programming Paradigms (CS107) Stanford CC-E
Enroll Real Time Systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Security for Windows ( ISC2 SSCP exam) Sheridan College
Enroll Software Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll SQL using Oracle 10g Series
Enroll System Analysis and Design NPTEL
Enroll Theory of Computation, Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computation NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Windows 7 ((70-680) exam, MCITP exam) Sheridan CC
Enroll Windows Exchange Server (70-236 MCSE) Sheridan CC
Enroll Windows Server 2008 Pt 1 (MCP) Sheridan CC
Enroll Windows Server 2008 Pt 2 (MCP) Sheridan CC
Click to toggle Programming
Enroll Computer Language Engineering 6.035 MIT
Enroll Computer System Engineering 6.033 MIT CC-E
Enroll Data Structures (COMPSCI) 61B Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Greedy algorithms
Enroll How to be a programmer - Advanced
Enroll How to be a programmer - Beginner
Enroll How to be a programmer - Intermediate
Enroll Intellectual enterprises of computer science & the art of programming(CS 50) Harvard
Enroll Introduction to Algorithms 6.046J / 18.410J MIT
Enroll Introduction to Computer Science and Programming 6.00 MIT
Enroll Introduction to Embedded Systems (COMPSCI) C149 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Machine Learning (CS 229) Stanford
Enroll Multicore Programming Primer 6.189 MIT CC-E
Enroll Operating Systems and System Programming (COMPSCI) 162 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Programming Languages and Compilers (COMPSCI) 164 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Python
Enroll Search Engines SIMS (INFO) 141 Berkeley CC-E
Enroll Software Engineering (COMPSCI) 169 Berkeley
Enroll Structure and Interpretation 6.001 MIT CC-E
Enroll Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (COMPSCI) 61A Berkeley
Enroll The Beauty and Joy of Computing (COMPSCI) 10 Berkeley CC-Egt
Click to toggle Web
Enroll Android Development
Enroll Developing Mobile Apps (CS96SI) Stanford
Enroll drupal 7
Enroll Flash CS5 for website - Sheridan College
Enroll iPhone Application Programming (CS193P) Stanford
Enroll Network Penetration Testing DSST (UL)Sheridan CC
Enroll PHP 5 Development Series
Enroll Static pages HTML, CSS
Enroll Wordpress Essentials
Click to toggle Electrical Engineering Dept.
Enroll Adaptive Signal Processing NPTEL
Enroll Advanced 3G and 4G Wireless Mobile Communications NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits (EL ENG) 240 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Advanced Digital Signal Processing NPTEL CC-E%
Enroll Advanced Electric Drives NPTEL
Enroll Advanced Optical Communication NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Analog Circuits II
Enroll Analog Communication NPTEL
Enroll Analog ICs NPTEL CC-E
Enroll An Introduction to Electronics Systems Packaging NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Artificial Intelligence NPTEL Dasgupta CC-E
Enroll Basic Electrical Technology NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Basic Electronics and Lab NPTEL
Enroll Basic Electronics NPTEL
Enroll Broadband Networks NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Chaos, Fractals and Dynamical Systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Circuits and Electronics 6.002 MIT CC-E
Enroll Circuits for Analog System Design NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Circuit Theory NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Coding Theory NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Colloquium on Computer Systems (EE380) Stanford
Enroll Communication Engineering NPTEL
Enroll Control Engineering NPTEL Agashe CC-E
Enroll Control Engineering NPTEL Gopal CC-E
Enroll Digital Circuits and Systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Digital Communication NPTEL
Enroll Digital Computer Organization NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Digital Electronics
Enroll Digital Image Processing NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Digital Integrated Circuits NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Digital Signal Processing NPTEL
Enroll Digital Signal Processing NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Digital Systems Design NPTEL
Enroll Digital Voice and Picture Communication NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Dynamics of Physical Systems NPTEL
Enroll Electrical Machines -I NPTEL
Enroll Electroceramics NPTEL
Enroll Electro Magnetic Fields NPTEL
Enroll Electromagnetics and Applications 6.013 MIT
Enroll Electronics For Analog Signal Processing - II NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Electronics For Analog Signal Processing - I NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Electronics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Embedded Systems NPTEL
Enroll Energy Resources and Technology NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Error Correcting Codes NPTEL
Enroll Estimation of Signals and Systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll High-Speed Electrical Interfaces Circuit Design (EL ENG) 290C Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll High Speed Devices & Circuit NPTEL CC-E
Enroll High Voltage DC Transmission NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Illumination Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Industrial Automation and Control NPTEL
Enroll Industrial Drives - Power Electronics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Industrial Instrumentation NPTEL
Enroll Information and Entropy 6.050J MIT
Enroll Information Theory and Coding NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Intelligent Systems and Control NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits (EL ENG) 141 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems (EE 263) Stanford
Enroll Introduction to MEMS Design (EL ENG) C245 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits (EL ENG) 40 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Linear Integrated Circuits (EL ENG) 140 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll MEMS & Microsystems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (EE105) Berkeley
Enroll Networks, Signals and Systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Networks and Systems NPTEL
Enroll Neural Networks and Applications NPTEL
Enroll Optimal Control NPTEL
Enroll Power Electronics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Power Sys Generation Transmission Distribution NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Power System Analysis NPTEL
Enroll Power System Dynamics and Control NPTEL CC-Egt
Enroll Power System Dynamics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Power System Operations and Control NPTEL
Enroll Probability & Random Variables NPTEL
Enroll Probability and Random Processes NPTEL
Enroll RF Integrated Circuits NPTEL
Enroll Signals and Systems
Enroll Soft X-rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation (EL ENG) C213 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Solid State Devices NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Synchrotron Radiation for Materials Science Applications (EL ENG) 290F Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll The Fourier Transforms and its Applications (EE261) Stanford
Enroll Transmission Lines and EM Waves NPTEL
Enroll Underactuated Robotics 6.832 MIT
Enroll Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics MIT
Enroll VLSI Circuits / Digital VLSI System Design NPTEL
Enroll VLSI Data Conversion Circuits NPTEL
Enroll VLSI Technology NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Wireless Communication NPTEL CC-E
Click to toggle Energy & Mining Engineering
Enroll Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies 15.031J MIT
Enroll Fundamentals of Environmental Pollution and Control NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Nuclear Engineering 101 Berkeley CC-E
Enroll Nuclear Physics: Fundamentals and Applications NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Nuclear Reactor Safety 22.091 MIT
Enroll Petroleum Geology
Enroll photovoltaics
Enroll Solar Energy Technology NPTEL CC-E
Enroll The Energy Seminar (ENERGY 301) Stanford
Click to toggle Materials & Metallurgy
Enroll Advanced Materials and Processes NPTEL
Enroll Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials 3.320 MIT
Enroll Fuels Refractory and Furnaces NPTEL
Enroll Materials and Energy balance in Metallurgical Processes NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Materials Science NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Physics of Materials NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Principles of Physical Metallurgy NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Science and Technology of Polymers NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Steel Making NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Symmetry, Structure & Tensor Properties of Material 3.60 MIT
Click to toggle Mechanical Engineering Dept.
Enroll Advanced Finite Elements Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Advanced Gas Dynamics NPTEL
Enroll Advanced Machining Processes NPTEL
Enroll Advanced Operations Research NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Advanced Strength of Materials NPTEL
Enroll Basic Thermodynamics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Biomicroelectromechanical systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computational Fluid Dynamics M.E. NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Computer Aided Engineering Design NPTEL
Enroll Conduction And Radiation NPTEL
Enroll Convective Heat and Mass Transfer NPTEL CC-Egt
Enroll Cryogenic Engineering NPTEL
Enroll Design and Optimization of Energy systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Design of Machine Elements I NPTEL
Enroll Discrete Event Simulation (IND ENG) 131 Berkeley
Enroll Dynamics of Machines NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Engineering Fracture Mechanics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Engineering Mechanics NPTEL
Enroll Ergonomics for beginners: Industrial design perspective NPTEL
Enroll Experimental Stress Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Finite Element Method NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Fundamentals of Operations Research NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Heat and Mass Transfer NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Industrial Engineering NPTEL
Enroll Introduction to Finite Element Method NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Product Development (MEC ENG) 110 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Kinematics of Machines NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Manufacturing Processes - II NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Manufacturing Processes - I NPTEL
Enroll Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science NPTEL
Enroll Mechanical Measurements and Metrology NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Mechanical Vibrations NPTEL
Enroll Micro and Smart Systems NPTEL
Enroll Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis 2.092 MIT CC-E
Enroll Principles of Mechanical Measurements NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Refrigeration and Air conditioning NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Robotics NPTEL
Enroll Strength of Materials NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Structural Aspects of Biomaterials (MEC ENG) C117 Berkeley CC-Egt
Click to toggle Nano & Bioengineering Dept.
Enroll Biomathematics NPTEL CC-Egt
Enroll Enzyme Science and Engineering NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering (BENG 100) Yale CC-E
Enroll Introduction to Bioengineering 20.010J MIT
Enroll Introduction to Biological Engineering Design 20.020 MIT
Enroll Introduction to Biomaterials NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes 2.57 MIT
Enroll Nanomanufacturing ME 599 UMich
Enroll The Graduate Group Introductory Seminar (BIO ENG) 200 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Thermodynamics(Classical) for Biological Systems NPTEL
Click to toggle Naval & Marine
Enroll Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Systems NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Elements of Ocean Engineering NPTEL
Enroll Hydrostatics and Stability NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Marine Construction and Welding NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Marine Hydrodynamics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Performance of Marine Vehicles At Sea NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Seakeeping & Manoeuvring NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Strength and Vibration of Marine Structures NPTEL
Click to toggle College of Health and Human Services
Enroll Criminal Justice BA/MA
Enroll Dentistry DDS DMD DH
Enroll Endocrinology (hormone)
Enroll Kinesiology
Enroll MD Program
Enroll Nursing ADN, RN, BSN, APRN, NP, DPN
Enroll Oncology (cancer)
Enroll Optometry
Enroll Pharmacist CPHT, RPH, PharmD
Enroll Public Health BA/MA
Enroll Social Work BS/MS
Click to toggle Child and Family Studies Dept.
Enroll Foundations of Gerontology ECE UL
Enroll Juvenile Delinquency ECE UL
Click to toggle Criminal Justice & Criminology
Enroll Criminal Justice DSST
Enroll Introduction to Forensic Science
Enroll Intro to Law Enforcement DSST
Enroll Prison guard
Enroll Punishment, Culture, and Society (LEGALST 160) Berkeley CC-Egt
Click to toggle Kinesiology and Nutritional Science School
Enroll Herbal Health & Healing
Enroll Kinesiology
Click to toggle Medical School
Enroll Adult Health Nursing I ECE
Enroll Adult Health Nursing II ECE
Enroll Assessment of Clients in Health and Illness
Enroll Biostatistics and Epidemiology HT190
Enroll Biostatistics for Laboratory Scientists (BIOS610) UNC-Chapel Hill CC-Egt
Enroll Cancer Treatments in Development
Enroll Cardiac Disorders
Enroll Cardiovascular Pathophysiology HT090
Enroll Care of Patients HT220
Enroll Child and Family Health Nursing ECE
Enroll Circulatory Disorders
Enroll Clinical Medicine IN710 (U of Wis)
Enroll Colorectal Cancer
Enroll Communication in the Nursing Profession NURSE 2105
Enroll Community Health Nursing ECE
Enroll Endocrine, Hematologic, and Women’s Health Disorders
Enroll Endocrinology HT060
Enroll Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Nursing Practice ECE
Enroll Fertility
Enroll Foundations of Pharmaceutical Care
Enroll Gastroenterology HT120
Enroll Gastrointestinal Disorders
Enroll General Pharmacology (PHRM203) UH Maui
Enroll Genetics [BIOS 332] Biola CC-E-gt
Enroll Hematology HT080
Enroll Human Biochemistry & Metabolic Diseases HT146
Enroll Human Pathology HT030
Enroll Human Reproductive Biology HT070
Enroll Immunology HT175 EinsteinCollegeofMed
Enroll Introduction to Nursing and Health Informatics
Enroll Intro to Nursing ECE
Enroll Management & Leadership in Nursing ECE
Enroll Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis HT040
Enroll Medical Terminology TECEP Johnson County CC
Enroll Medicine I
Enroll Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology HT020
Enroll Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders
Enroll Neurology
Enroll Neuroscience HT130
Enroll Nursing & Health ECE
Enroll Nursing Research ECE
Enroll Nursing Women & Childbearing Families ECE
Enroll Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology 10 Berkeley
Enroll Nutrition and Health NURSE 2103
Enroll Obstetrics and Gynecology
Enroll Optometry
Enroll Oral Anatomy UMich
Enroll Orientation to Nursing NURSE 1010
Enroll Pathophysiological Bases ECE
Enroll Patient-Doctor
Enroll Pediatrics
Enroll Pharmacology
Enroll Pharmacotherapeutics in Nursing Practice
Enroll Protective and Structural System Disorders
Enroll PS 700M.J Psychopathology
Enroll Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing ECE
Enroll Psychiatry
Enroll Quantitative Analysis in the Health Sciences NURSE 3799
Enroll Radiology
Enroll Renal Disorders
Enroll Renal Pathophysiology HT110
Enroll Research HT199
Enroll Respiratory Disorders
Enroll Respiratory Pathophysiology UC San Diego Med
Enroll Senior Synthesis
Enroll Social Medicine HT932
Enroll Surgery
Click to toggle Public Health Dept.
Enroll Applied Epidemiology Using R (PB HLTH) 251D Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases (PB HLTH) 253B Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Ethical Challenges in Public Health Interventions: Catastrophic and Routine (PB HLTH) 253E Berkeley CC-Egt%
Enroll Public Health Preparedness & Emergency Response (PB HLTH) 257B Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data (PB HLTH) 241 Berkeley CC-Egt
Click to toggle School of Dentistry
Enroll Advanced Removable Prosthodontics(DENT 718) UMich
Enroll Dental Anatomy UMich
Enroll Dental Hygiene UMich
Enroll Dental Materials UMich
Enroll Occlusion UMich
Enroll Oral Diagnosis UMich
Enroll Oral Surgery UMich
Enroll Patient Communication Skills UMich
Enroll Pediatric Dentistry UMich
Enroll Periodontics UMich
Enroll Prosthodontics UMich
Click to toggle Social Work School
Enroll Comparative Human Behavior ECE UL(SOCW 7397) UH
Enroll Drugs & Society DSST UL (SOCW 7377) UH
Enroll Introduction to Nonviolence (PACS) 164A Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Rethinking Urban Poverty UChicago
Enroll Social Work
Enroll The Challenge of World Poverty 14.73 MIT CC-E
Enroll The Venus Project (Jacque Fresco)
Click to toggle College of Law
Enroll Environmental Law JD
Enroll Juris Doctor (JD J.D.)
Click to toggle Environmental
Enroll Climate Change and the Law 272.3 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Energy Regulation and the Environment Law 270.6 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Environmental Law and Policy Law 271 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Environmental Politics and Law (EVST 255) Yale CC-E
Enroll International Environmental Law 271.71 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels Law 270.7 Berkeley CC-Egt
Click to toggle Law
Enroll Contracts
Enroll Introduction to Copyright Law 6.912 MIT
Enroll Labor Law ECE(LBR412) CSUDH
Enroll Law & Technology Harvard
Enroll Law: Chicago's Best Ideas UChicago Law
Enroll Law School Lecture Series Case Western Law
Click to toggle College of Natural and Social Sciences
Enroll Anthropology BA/MA
Enroll Astronomy BS/MS
Enroll Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Environmental Sciences BS/MS
Enroll Biology BA/MS
Enroll Chemistry BS/MS
Enroll Cognitive Science, BA/MA
Enroll Geography, BA/MA
Enroll Geology BS/MS
Enroll History BA/MA
Enroll Marine Biology BS/MS
Enroll Mathematics BA/MS
Enroll Native American Studies
Enroll Physics BS/MS
Enroll Political Science, BA/MA
Enroll Psychology BS/MS (Hnr Amber)
Enroll Sociology BA/MA
Enroll Urban Studies and Planning BA/MA
Click to toggle Agriculture Dept.
Enroll Animal husbandry
Enroll Horticulture BS
Enroll Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences DVM
Click to toggle Animal Husbandary
Enroll Animal Behaviour
Enroll Animal Feed & Nutrition (Animal Husbandry III)
Enroll Animal Health (Animal Husbandry II)
Enroll Beef Cattle
Enroll Botany I (Plant Physiology And Taxonomy)
Enroll Calf Rearing
Enroll Equine Behaviour
Enroll Horse Care I
Enroll Horse Care II
Enroll Horse Care III
Enroll Mariculture -Marine Aquaculture
Enroll Natural Health Care for Animals
Enroll Pasture Management
Enroll Pet Care
Enroll Pigs
Enroll Poultry
Enroll Sheep
Click to toggle Horticulture BS
Enroll Agricultural Marketing
Enroll Agronomy
Enroll Aquaculture, Aquaponic & Hydroponics
Enroll Basic Crop Production Practices NPTEL
Enroll Beekeeping
Enroll Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing
Enroll Commercial Vegetable Production
Enroll Conservation & Environmental Management
Enroll Engineering I - Machinery & Equipment
Enroll Engineering II - Engineering Applications
Enroll Environmental Studies
Enroll Farm Management
Enroll Gardens of California (IDS350) CSUDH
Enroll Integrated Pest Management NPTEL CC-Egt
Enroll Irrigation
Enroll Irrigation - Crops
Enroll Irrigation Management
Enroll Nut Production
Enroll Organic Farming
Enroll Permaculture Systems
Enroll Plant Ecology
Enroll Soil Management
Enroll Sustainable Agriculture
Enroll Urban Farming/Gardening Ediculture
Enroll Viticulture
Enroll Warm Climate Nuts
Enroll Water Conservation And Management
Enroll Weed Control
Enroll Workplace Health & Safety
Click to toggle Veterinary medicine
Enroll Animal anatomy and physiology
Enroll Animal Breeding
Enroll Animal Health Care
Enroll Dairy Cattle
Enroll Diagnosing Animal Diseases
Enroll Diagnostic imaging procedures Anim
Enroll Diagnostic microbiology Anim
Enroll Human - animal relationships
Enroll Immunology Anim
Enroll Large animal surgery
Enroll Ornithology
Enroll Small animal surgery
Enroll Veterinary anesthesia
Enroll Veterinary clinical genetics
Enroll Veterinary medicine and law
Click to toggle Anthropology Dept.
Enroll Anthropology 1 DSST Berkeley
Enroll Archaeology youtube
Enroll Chicano Studies (CHS100) CSUDH
Enroll Cultural Anthropology (SOC401) VU Pak
Enroll Human/Cultural Geography DSST
Enroll Individual in Society (SOC101) CSUDH
Enroll Perspectives on Comparative Cultural Studies (ANTH 4394) UH
Enroll The Americas: Identity, Culture, Power (ANTH 3395/AMER 3300) UH
Enroll Theories of Culture DSST (ANTH 4310) UH
Click to toggle Biological Sciences Dept.
Enroll Biology Khan Academy
Enroll Darwin's Legacy (DAR200) Stanford
Enroll General Biology AP/CLEP (BIOLOGY) 1A Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll General Biology AP/CLEP (BIOLOGY) 1B Berkeley CC-E
Enroll General Biology Laboratory (BIOLOGY) 1AL Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll General Human Anatomy ECE(INTEGBI 131) Berkeley
Enroll General Microbiology
Enroll Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 175) Lincoln Land CC
Enroll Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO 117) Central Maine CC
Enroll Human Behavioral Biology (Biology 150) Stanford
Enroll Human Functional Anatomy HT010
Enroll Intro Biology I AP/CLEP (7.012/7.013) MIT
Enroll Intro Biology II 7.014 MIT
Enroll Natural Science II: Genomes and Diversity ECE(V55.0314) NYU
Enroll Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior (EEB 122) Yale
Enroll Virology (Bio W3310) Columbia Med
Enroll Wildlife Ecology (ESPM) 114 Berkeley CC-Egt
Click to toggle Marine Biology
Enroll Marine Life (BIO190) CSUDH
Enroll Marine Studies I
Enroll Marine Studies II
Click to toggle Chemistry and Biochemistry Dept.
Enroll Biochemistry I NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Chemical Structure and Reactivity (CHEM) 3B Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Chemistry Khan Academy
Enroll Chemistry Laboratory Techniques 5.301 MIT
Enroll Chemistry of Materials NPTEL
Enroll Digital Lab Techniques Manual MIT
Enroll Engineering Chemistry 1 NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Essentials in Immunology NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Eukaryotic Gene Expression NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Freshman Organic Chemistry (CHEM 125A) Yale CC-E
Enroll Freshman Organic Chemistry (CHEM 125B) Yale CC-E
Enroll General Chemistry AP/CLEP (CHEM) 1A Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll General Chemistry AP/CLEP (CHEM) 1B UC Irvine CC-E
Enroll Green Chemistry: An Interdisciplonary Approach to Sustainability (CHEM) C234 (PB HLTH) C234 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Introduction to Solid State Chemistry 3.091SC MIT CC-E
Enroll Modern Biotechnology: Principles & Applications
Enroll Organic Chemistry 51A UCI
Enroll Organic Chemistry Khan Academy
Enroll Organic photochemistry and pericyclic reactions NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Principles of Chemical Science 5.112 MIT CC-E
Enroll Principles of Chemical Science AP/CLEP (5.111) MIT CC-E
Enroll Rate processes NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Small-Molecule Spectroscopy and Dynamics 5.80 MIT
Enroll Thermodynamics & Kinetics 5.60 MIT
Click to toggle Environmental Science
Enroll Atmosphere, Ocean and Environmental Change DSST (GG 140) Yale CC-E
Enroll Blue Planet, Oceanography: Earth & Space Science 15 UCLA
Enroll Global Warming (PHSC 13400) UChicago
Enroll Joint Fact Finding in Science Intensive Policy Disputes 11.941/11.942 MIT
Enroll Nature Park Management I
Click to toggle Geography and Urban Analysis Dept.
Enroll Alaska
Enroll Community-Owned Enterprise & Civic Participation 11.954 MIT
Enroll Economic Geography of the Industrial World (Geography C110) Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Georgia
Enroll Hawaii
Enroll Introduction to Development (GEOG) C32/C10 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Ireland
Enroll Lithuania
Enroll Mexico
Enroll Sweden
Enroll Venezuela
Click to toggle Geological Sciences Dept.
Enroll Intro to Earth Systems (GEOL 1340) UH
Enroll Physical Geology (GEOL 1330) UH
Click to toggle History Dept.
Enroll 20th Century United States History (HIST 3394) UH
Enroll African-American History: Modern Freedom Struggle (HIST 166) Stanford
Enroll Early Modern England: Politics, Religion, and Society under the Tudors and Stuarts (HIST 251) Yale CC-E
Enroll Epidemics in Western Society Since 1600 (HIST 234) Yale CC-E
Enroll European Civilization, 1648-1945 (HIST 202) Yale CC-E
Enroll European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present (HISTORY) 5 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll France Since 1871 (HIST 276) Yale CC-E
Enroll French History Khan Academy
Enroll Genealogy
Enroll History of Information (History C192) Berkeley
Enroll History of the United States I AP/CLEP
Enroll History of the United States II AP/CLEP
Enroll History of the World to 1500 CE (W3902) Columbia
Enroll Introduction to Ancient Greek History (CLCV 205) Yale CC-E
Enroll Intro to the Modern Middle East ETennState
Enroll Near Eastern Studies 15 Berkeley
Enroll Pirates and Smugglers in the Modern World (HIST 3363/3394): Dr. O'Brien UH
Enroll Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union DSST UL
Enroll Seminar in Historical Methods 21H.931 MIT
Enroll The American Revolution (HIST 116) Yale CC-E
Enroll The CIA in the Third World (HIST 3375) UH
Enroll The Civil War and Reconstruction DSST UL (HIST 119) Yale CC-E
Enroll The Crusades (HIST 4332): Dr. Vaughn UH
Enroll The Early Middle Ages, 284—1000 (HIST 210) Yale CC-E
Enroll The Flowering of the Middle Ages (HIST 4330) UH
Enroll The Normans (HIST 4331) UH
Enroll The Peculiar Modernity of Britain (History 151C) Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll The Vietnam War DSST (HIST 3322) UH
Enroll The Vikings (HIST 4328/4395) UH
Enroll US History Khan Academy
Enroll War, Globalization, and Terror (HIST 3394) UH
Enroll Western Europe Since 1945
Enroll World Civilization Since c.e. 1500 AP/CLEP (HIST 3380) UH
Enroll World Civilizations to c.e. 1500 AP/CLEP (HIST 3379) UH
Enroll World Revolutions (HIST 3394/3383): Dr. O'Brien UH
Click to toggle Mathematics Dept.
Enroll Advanced Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra for Engineers NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Analytic Geometry and Calculus (MATH) 16B Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Applied Multivariate Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Calculus for Highlights AP/CLEP/CCE/UExcel MIT
Enroll Calculus Khan Academy
Enroll College Algebra AP/CLEP/DSST/CCE
Enroll College Algebra AP/CLEP/DSST/CCE Khan Academy
Enroll College Mathematics AP/CLEP
Enroll Differential Equations 18.03 MIT CC-E
Enroll Differential Equations Khan Academy
Enroll Elementary Numerical Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Functional Analysis NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Homework Help for Multivariable Calculus 18.02SC MIT CC-E
Enroll Homework Help for Single Variable Calculus 18.01SC MIT CC-E
Enroll Linear Algebra 18.06 MIT CC-E
Enroll Linear Algebra Khan Academy
Enroll Mathematical Logic NPTEL
Enroll Mathematical Methods for Engineers I 18.085 MIT CC-E
Enroll Mathematical Methods for Engineers II 18.086 MIT CC-E
Enroll Mathematics II NPTEL
Enroll Mathematics I NPTEL
Enroll Measure and Integration NPTEL
Enroll Multivariable Calculus (MATH) 53 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Multivariable Calculus 18.02 MIT
Enroll Numerical Methods and Computation NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Precalculus AP/CLEP/ECE/CCE Khan Academy
Enroll Probability and Statistics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Probability Khan Academy
Enroll Regression Analysis NPTEL
Enroll Single Variable Calculus 18.01 MIT CC-E
Enroll Statistics DSST/TECEP/UExcel (Khan Academy)
Enroll Trigonometry Flexbook, Hartnell College, Khan Academy
Click to toggle Physics and Astronomy Dept.
Enroll Applied mechanics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Astrobiology and Space Exploration (HUMBIO 183) Stanford
Enroll Astronomy DSST/CCE (PHY195) CSUDH/Khan
Enroll Astrophysics & Cosmology NPTEL
Enroll Classical Physics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Cosmology Stanford
Enroll Engineering Mechanics NPTEL
Enroll Engineering Physics II NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Exploring Black Holes 8.224 MIT
Enroll Frontiers/Controversies in Astrophysics (ASTR 160) Yale CC-E
Enroll Fundamentals of Physics (PHYS 200) Yale CC-E
Enroll Fundamentals of Physics, II (PHYS 201) Yale CC-E
Enroll Homework Help for Classical Mechanics 8.01SC MIT
Enroll Homework Help for Electricity and Magnetism 8.02SC MIT
Enroll Introduction to Astrophysics (ASTRON) 7B Berkeley
Enroll Introductory Quantum Mechanics II 5.74 MIT
Enroll Physics & Technology for Future Presidents (DSST/Uexcel) C10 (LNS) C70V Berkeley
Enroll Physics I - Oscillations and Waves NPTEL
Enroll Physics I ECE classical mechanics 8.01 MIT [CC]
Enroll Physics II ECE Electricity and Magnetism 8.02 MIT [CC]
Enroll Physics III: Vibrations and Waves 8.03 MIT
Enroll Physics Khan Academy
Enroll Quantum computing for the determined U of Queensland
Enroll Quantum Electronics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Quantum Mechanics and Applications NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Quantum Physics NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Relativistic Quantum Mechanics NPTEL
Enroll Special Topics in Classical Mechanics NPTEL
Click to toggle Political Science Dept.
Enroll Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab Executive Training MIT CC-E
Enroll American Government AP/CLEP (POL310) CSUDH
Enroll American Institutions (POL101) CSUDH
Enroll Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform (PLSC 270) Yale CC-E
Enroll Deliberative Democracy and Dispute Resolution 11.969 MIT
Enroll Geography of United States Elections (GEOG 5) Stanford
Enroll Human Rights (IDS336) CSUDH
Enroll Immigration & Citizenship (SBS318) CSUDH
Enroll International Politics TECEP/UExcel(POL335) CSUDH
Enroll Introduction to Political Philosophy (PLSC 114) Yale CC-E
Enroll Moral Foundations of Politics (PLSC 118) Yale
Enroll Nonviolence Today (PACS) 164B Berkeley
Enroll Undergraduate Colloquium on Political Science (POL SCI) 179 Berkeley
Click to toggle Psychology Dept.
Enroll Abnormal/Clinical Psychology TECEP/ECE UL (PSYC 130) Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Cultural Psychology (PSYC 2344) UH
Enroll Foundations of Counseling DSST ETnS
Enroll General Psychology (PSYCH) 1 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Industrial-Organization Psychology DSST/ECE UL(PSYC 3310) UH
Enroll Introduction to Clinical Psychology (PSYC 3339) UH
Enroll Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 3350) UH
Enroll Intro Psychology AP/CLEP/UExcel (PSYC 110) Yale CC-E
Enroll Overcoming Adversities & Habits
Enroll Problems of Normal Life (PSYC 3347) UH
Enroll Psychology of Gender TECEP(PSYC 3331) UH
Enroll Psychology of Personality (PSYC 3325) UH
Enroll Research in Methods in Psychology ECE UL
Enroll Scientific Approaches to Consciousness (PSYCH) C129 (COG SC) C102 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (V89.0010) NYU
Enroll The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food (PSYC 123) Yale
Enroll Understanding Memory
Click to toggle Religion
Enroll World Religions DSST
Enroll Buddhism
Enroll Christian Theology M.Div/Th.M
Enroll Islam
Click to toggle Buddhism
Enroll Buddhism
Click to toggle Christianity
Enroll Acts Yale
Enroll Apologetics (BBST 450) Biola
Enroll Biblical Interpretation & Spiritual Formation (BBST 103) Biola
Enroll Book of Isaiah Yale
Enroll Character of God (BBST 450) Biola
Enroll Christianity and Ethics (RELS 3375/3396) UH
Enroll Church History: Early & Medieval (CH501) Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Enroll Church History: Reformation & Modern (CH502) Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Enroll Gospel of John Yale
Enroll Gospel of Luke Yale
Enroll Gospel of Mark Yale
Enroll Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods (CSAP 527) Biola
Enroll I Corinthians Yale
Enroll Introduction to New Testament (RLST 152) Yale
Enroll Introduction to Spiritual Formation (TTSF 501) Biola
Enroll Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) (RLST 145) Yale CC-E
Enroll Jesus Lord of All (BBST 465) Biola
Enroll Leading the Church in Worship & Liturgy
Enroll Minor Prophets (BBST 392) Biola
Enroll Rancho Community
Enroll Religion, Culture, & Media (BBST 465) Biola
Enroll Romans Yale
Enroll The Bible and Modern Science (RELS 3370/3396) UH
Enroll The Church and Society (TTPT 7030) Biola
Enroll Theology I (BBST 251) Biola
Enroll Theology III (TTTH 613) Biola
Enroll Veritas Forum (Univ. Presentations)
Click to toggle Islam
Enroll Jurists, Ulama, Sheikh, and Imam's
Enroll Teaching of Islamic Studies
Click to toggle Sociology Dept.
Enroll Foundations of Modern Social Thought (SOCY 151) Yale CC-E
Enroll Global Problems of Population Growth ECE(MCDB 150) Yale CC-E
Enroll Global Sociology (SOCIOL) 185 Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Intro Sociology AP/CLEP/CCE/UExcel (SOC-UA 1) NYU
Enroll Population and Society NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Social Psychology: Self and Society ECE UL(SOCIOL 150A) Berkeley CC-Egt
Enroll Sociology of Work (SOC315) CSUDH
Enroll Technology in a Dangerous World STS.069 MIT
Click to toggle Latin American Studies
Enroll Latin American Briefing UChicago
Enroll Latin American Perspectives (LAST 3300) UH
Click to toggle Pan-African Studies
Enroll African American History: From Emancipation to the Present (AFAM 162) Yale
Click to toggle Tribes
Enroll Choctaw (Durant, OK)
Enroll Inupiat (Pt Barrow,AK)
Enroll San Pasqual (Valley Center,CA)
Click to toggle Wildlife
Enroll Vertebrate Zoology
Enroll Wildlife Conservation
Enroll Wildlife Management
Enroll Zoo Keeping
Click to toggle Design, Vocational & Technology
Enroll Amusement Industry
Enroll Auto Mechanics
Enroll Building Trades
Enroll Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
Enroll Cosmetology School
Enroll Culinary Arts Program
Enroll Fashion
Enroll General Contracting
Enroll Industrial Pipefitting
Enroll Machine Trades
Enroll Modeling
Enroll Solar Energy
Enroll Trucking
Click to toggle Automotive
Enroll Minor Auto Repair (brakes, oil change etc)
Click to toggle Building Trades
Enroll Building Technology
Enroll Decision Making and Risk Management (CNST 6350) UH
Enroll Sales Building Trades
Click to toggle CAD design
Enroll Autocad 2011-12 (ARCH 1310) Salt Lake CC
Enroll Blueprint Reading
Enroll Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing CAD NPTEL CC-E
Enroll Solidworks (CAD 120/121) Elgin CC
Click to toggle Fashion, Merchandizing & Modeling
Enroll Fashion Design
Enroll Modeling
Enroll Styling Hair
Click to toggle Hospitality Institute
Click to toggle Catering School
Enroll Baking & Pastry Skill Development
Enroll Banqueting & Catering
Enroll Breakfast Cookery
Enroll Chef guidance & tips
Enroll Contemporary Hospitality & Service Management
Enroll Contemporary Restaurant Cooking
Enroll Controlling Costs & Purchasing Food
Enroll Costing Examination
Enroll Cuisines of Asia
Enroll Cuisines of Europe & the Mediterranean
Enroll Cuisines of the Americas
Enroll Food Safety
Enroll Formal Hospitality & Service Management
Enroll Formal Restaurant Cooking
Enroll Garde Manger
Enroll Introduction to Gastronomy
Enroll Introduction to Management
Enroll Lunch Cookery
Enroll Meat Identification & Fabrication
Enroll Menu Development
Enroll Nutrition
Enroll Pies
Enroll Product Knowledge
Enroll Restaurant Law
Enroll Science and Cooking Harvard
Enroll Seafood Identification & Fabrication
Enroll Skill Development I
Enroll Skill Development II
Enroll Skill Development III
Enroll Wine Studies
Click to toggle Industial
Enroll Industrial Pipefitting
Enroll Ride Safety, Insurance & State inspections
Enroll Tooling Engineering Training
Click to toggle Trucking, Train & Merchant Marine
Enroll Trucking Basics
Click to toggle Sports
Enroll Athletic Health & Medicine
Enroll Dance
Enroll Equestrian
Enroll Sport Individual/Partner
Enroll Team Sports
Click to toggle Fall Season
Enroll Cross Country
Enroll Field Hockey
Enroll Football
Enroll Soccer
Enroll Water Polo
Click to toggle Winter Season
Enroll Basketball
Enroll Bowling
Enroll Boxing
Enroll Fencing
Enroll Figure Skating
Enroll Ice Hockey
Enroll Judo
Enroll Marksmanship (rifle, side arm)
Enroll Skiing & Snowboarding
Enroll Swimming & Diving
Enroll Wrestling
Click to toggle Spring Season
Enroll Archery Program
Enroll Baseball
Enroll Cheerleading
Enroll Golf
Enroll Gymnastics
Enroll Lacrosse
Enroll Rowing
Enroll Rugby
Enroll Softball
Enroll Tennis
Enroll Track & Field
Enroll Volleyball
Click to toggle Animal
Enroll Dog Agility
Enroll Horse & Mount conditioning & training
Click to toggle Individual
Enroll BMX
Enroll Body Building/Weight Lifting
Enroll Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Enroll Cycling
Enroll Freestyle Motor Cross
Enroll Gaming Strategic
Enroll Martial Arts
Enroll Motorcycle racing
Enroll Muay Thai
Enroll Rock Climbing
Enroll Sailing
Enroll Scuba & Skin Diving
Enroll Skateboarding
Enroll Sky Diving
Enroll Speed Boating
Enroll Waterskiing/Wakeboard
Click to toggle Test Preparation
Enroll Calif Commercial Driver (Class A or B License)
Enroll Calif Driving test prep Class C
Enroll Calif Motorcycle Driver (Class M License)
Enroll Driver License Test C, CDL,M1-2