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Description: It promises to be one of the most interesting, informative, challenging and fun courses you may take at the University. It is a “writing intensive” course, taught as a seminar with lectures, student presentations and class discussions and, of course, your writing assignments. Students will be discussing their own cultural experiences and how these experiences have shaped their lives (e.g. beliefs, values, life-style, interests, political beliefs, family, employment, recreation). A fair amount of civilized debate is expected during discussions of the many implications of our cultural beliefs and actions and their impact on others who differ from us in either important or trivial ways.

*Students will attain through lecture, reading, videos, written essays, exams and presentations knowledge of the similarities and uniqueness of the majority and larger minority cultures in the US. Emphasis will be on distinct human characteristics emphasized by each group and how students can both understand and incorporate these insights into their own lives.
*Class discussion of primary sources and secondary readings will help students develop critical reading and analytical skills.
*Weekly papers, extra credits assignments and exams will help improve writing skills.
Resources: OpenCourseware from U of Houston, Yale, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Husson along with many of the World's finest University's.
Language: English
Professors: Default Professor, Ivan Milovanov
Units: 20
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