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Description: Energy and Dependence on External Sources and Sun, Physical Descriptions and Reactions - Sun - Earth Geometry - Terminology Extra - Terrestrial Radiation Terrestrial Radiation - Measuring Instruments - Estimation of Solar Radiation or Details - Radiation Processing - Long Term - Evaluation of the Apparent Sunrise and Sunset Angles - Estimation of Daily/Monthly Average daily Tilt Factor Under Terrestrial Conditions - Solar Collector Basics - Transmission - Absorptance Product - Daily (Or Monthly Average Daily) Transmittance - Absorptance Product Analytical Evaluation - Theory of Flat Plate Collectors - Liquid Based - Mean temperature and Heat Capacity Effects - Theory of Air Based Solar Flat Plate Collectors - Other Collector Geometries - Concentrating Collectors - Compound Parabolic Collectors - Device and System Performance - Long Term Solar Energy System Performance - Long Term Solar Energy System Performance Simplified Design Methods - Monthly Average Daily Utilizability - The phi(bar) - f chart method Tank Losses and Finite Heat Exchanger - Economic Analysis - Life Cycle Savings : The P1 and P2 Method - Passive Devices - Passive Architecture, Overhangs and Wing Walls
Resources: OpenCourseWare from NPTEL, MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford along with many of the World's finest Universities.
Language: English
Professors: Michael Williams
Units: 43
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