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Description: Emphasis on writing the story, familiarity with reporting terminology and procedures, and awareness of legal and ethical issues. The course will leave with a solid understanding of the ethical quandaries that confront journalists as well as strategies for working through those issues. When a reporter casually promises a source over a drink that “we’re off the record,” is that binding? Should reporters express political preferences? May they give to causes, post lawn signs, register to vote? Where does the law impose its ethics –may a reporter lie to get a story, break into a home, don a disguise? And what about the ethical obligation to tell what you know? We will not answer every one of those questions definitively – some have no clear answers – but we will develop ways to address them and strategies for behaving ethically and intelligently. Along the way, we will learn the law of defamation, privacy and false light – essential pieces of knowledge for any modern journalist. Finally, we will explore the dicey topic of how to be a principled journalistin the service of corporations whose obligations are to shareholders, not-to journalism. Supports earning College credit w/ TECEP credit-by-exam.
Language: English
Professors: Default Professor, Michael Williams
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