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Description: West Coast Swing (WCS, Westie aka Push or Whip) is a partner dance with roots in Lindy Hop. Characterized by a distinctive elastic look that results with its basic extension-compression technique & partner connection. Danced primarily in a slot on the dance floor. West Coast Swing allows for both partners to improvise steps while dancing, putting West Coast Swing in a short list of dances with a premium on improvisation. The follower walks into new patterns traveling forward on counts"1" & "2" in each basic pattern, rather than rocking back like the East Coast or Lindy Hop. The Anchor Step is a common ending pattern of many West Coast Swing Patterns. West Coast Swing takes on stylistic influences from other Dances like the Argentinian Tango (Swango), Carolina Shag, a West Coast cousin. #Westie #West #Coast #Swing #Swango #Push #Whip
Language: English
Professors: Sarah Wolfe, Default Professor
Units: 104
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