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The English Major (alternatively "English concentration," "B.A. in English") is a term for an undergraduate university degree in the United States and a few other countries which focuses on the analysis, production, and consumption of texts in the English language (the term may also be used to describe a student who is concentrating in English). As a broad program of study, the English Major provides students with an opportunity to analyze works of literature and film originally written in English. Such an analysis prompts students to exercise both critical thinking skills, in which they analyze and reflect upon a text such that they can later interpret it and find meaning, and to present the results of their analysis in clear, cogent writing. A degree in English supposedly offers college graduates career opportunities in a number of fields which include (but are not limited to) writing, editing, publishing, teaching and research, advertising, public relations, law, and finance. Help-wanted postings rarely set forth English Majors as a job requirement. However, the analytical and writing skills applied to an English major can often advance a career in business.
Resources: OpenCourseware from Yale, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Husson along with many of the World's finest University's.
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