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Psychology is the science of behavior & mental processes. The immediate goal is to understand individuals & groups by both researching specific cases & establishing general principles. For many, the ultimate goal of psychology is to benefit society. In this field, a researcher or professional practitioner is called a psychologist, & can be classified as a behavioral scientist, social scientist, or cognitive scientist. A Psychologist attempts to understand the role of mental functions in individual & social behavior, while also exploring the physiological & neuro-biological processes that underlie certain functions & behaviors. Psychologists explore such concepts as cognition, attention, perception, motivation, emotion, phenomenology, brain functioning, behavior, personality, & interpersonal relationships. Depth psychologists consider the unconscious mind. A Psychologist employ empirical methods to infer correlative relationships & causal between psycho-social variables. Additionally or in opposition, to employing empirical & deductive methods, some especially clinical & counseling psychologists; at times rely upon symbolic interpretation & other inductive techniques. Psychology incorporate research from the natural sciences, social sciences, & humanities, like philosophy. #Psychology #behavior #attention #emotion #perception #cognition #phenomenology #personality #motivation #brain functioning
Resources: Opencourseware from MIT, UC Berkeley,Stanford, Yale, U of Mich along with many of the World's finest University's and other educators.
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