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Description: Watershed is the basic scientific unit for planning and management of water resources. Watershed Management is an integration of technologies within the natural boundaries of drainage area for optimum development of land, water and plant resources to meet the basic needs of the people in a sustained manner. In watershed concept, development is not confined to agricultural lands alone but covers the entire watershed area, starting from the highest point (most remote point) or ridge line to outlet or nalla or natural stream. The main objective of any watershed development and management program is “proper use of all available resources of a watershed for optimum production with minimum hazards to natural resources”. The main aim of this course “Watershed Management” is to discuss various aspects of water resources development and management on watershed basis. The various sections in the course will focus on the technical aspects of watershed management; perspectives on water management; skills of analyzing the complex issues in water management and on specific knowledge on issues of watershed management.
Resources: OpenCourseware from NPTEL (India), Sheridan College, MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford & many other of the World's finest University's
Language: English
Professors: Michael Williams
Units: 40
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