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13 Oct 2014
E-Learning workshop

Well, looks like I'm presenting at E-Learning Symposium k-12 In the House, "Silicon Valley".  Please share this with your friends & Fellow Language teachers & students. 

07 Sep 2014

World Mentoring Academy, needs a Wikipedia entry,, and we started it, would love any help making our entry accurate and fair. And the Gatekeepers @ Wikipedia have stated that WMA can not do this,, it has to be done by others. We will not do like every other group and hire a PR firm . 

20 Aug 2014
"Let's Connect" @ G+ Community
03 Sep 2013
OC Register & NY Times

World Mentoring Academy just got the Front page 8/23 OC Register & NY Times 9/4

Can you please share with others?

  • "Very cool,..." Moira, Technation NPR
  • "Wow...great story!" Bob Morrison, Music/Arts edu researcher
  • "Oh my goodness, that is unreal!" Maren Hogan, RedBranch Media
  • "Amazing story!" Dylan Tweney, Editor Venture Beat
  • "Very inspiring!" Amy Schmitz, Prof San Diego State Univ.
  • "Fascinating!" Gautam Ghosh, India's leading blogger
  • "So inspiring. Thank you, Mr. Williams" Cathy Davidson, NY Times, Author "Now You See It, Future of Thinking"
  • "Thank You Michael for creating possibilities.." Linda Fischer, USC, Author "Ultimate Power Enemy Within the Ranks"
  • "Proud of your dedication, big brother!" Todd Williams, Pres. Firstline Mobility
  • "Like Antonio Gramsci or Paulo Freire... intriguing." Cinde, Educator CT
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